With 36 years in the financial services industry I noticed a pattern.  Even if people had financial advisors they were not achieving their goals.  This was puzzling to me as the advice receive was valuable and should lead to financial success.  The underlying cause was that these people did not have basic training in managing their money.  Sometimes, they knew what to do but wouldn’t do it.  They provide their advisors with incomplete information.  They had no motivation to change behavior and ultimately this led to their failure.  They needed a Behavioral Cash Flow PlanTM  !

Finding Money with a Behavioural Cash Flow PlanTM

What is this?  A Behavioural Cash Flow PlanTM is NOT a budget.  It is a plan that helps manage your day-to-day cash flow.  It is a plan that takes into account financial obligations.  It also provides guidance on future costs like purchasing your next vehicle, handling emergencies and planning for major expenses such as renovations.  Most importantly, a Behavioural Cash Flow PlanTM quickly helps you FIND the money to fund your short-term dreams while saving for the future.   So you can have that special holiday now rather than waiting until retirement to start enjoying life.


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10 Reasons for a Behavioural Cash Flow PlanTM

  1. Your retirement plan is not fully funded, meaning you can’t prove for sure that you have enough to retire.
  2. Your retirement goals and plans are based on replacing a percentage of pre-retirement income rather than based on your actual expenses projected into the future.
  3. You have not maxed out your Tax Free Savings Account.
  4. You take out car loans and you are 10 years into your career.
  5. You have major life goals that require saving for.
  6. You’ve turned down insurance recommendations because they are cost prohibitive.
  7. You have withdrawn money from an investment or stopped an investment strategy, for reasons or purposes other than what that money was being accumulated for.
  8. You are not stinking rich and cannot burn money for fun.
  9. You are retiring in the next 10 years and will have to live at least partially off invested assets.

Our experience:

The fact is, as a starting point most people need a Behavioural Cash Flow PlanTM and rarely have one.  Instead we most often deal with issues of cash flow after trouble has already hit.  We buy the fire extinguisher when the house is already engulfed in flames.  So get a Behavioural Cash Flow PlanTM now, because everyone can use one, and you will be on the road to financial freedom.

Data Form:  after your phone conversation you can move forward by downloading and completing the form for plan preparation by our Certified Cash Flow Specialist.

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