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Welcome to Ayoba Financial Services

We help you plan for the future and help you to achieve your dreams.

At Ayoba Financial Services our focus is on providing our clients with financial services, advice and the assistance they need to make informed decisions about their financial future.  With so many options to choose from, the choices to save and spend your hard-earned money can be a difficult and overwhelming task.

Whether you are just starting out, already have an established plan or just want to rebalance your insurance and investments to better reflect your stage of life, we can help you. We can assure that you will have the diversity in your portfolio to be able to respond to our changing times, so when you are ready to achieve your dream, you will be ready..

Testimonials from people we have coached

“Over the last fifteen years you have served our interests with diligence, care, courtesy and efficiency to our financial benefit.
We are very grateful and wish you all the very best

M.K. (Retired couple)

Arthur, your service, follow up and kindness throughout the process was outstanding.
I have no suggestions for improvement.”


What does “Ayoba” mean anyway?

The word “Ayoba” has been borrowed from South African slang.  If you were watching the soccer World Cup in 2010 you may have heard the word used there as 149,000 fans watched the games.  We might say “Great” or “Cool” or “Excellent” or in some cases simply “Hello good to see you”. It is uniquely South African and expresses delight, excitement, agreement and approval. Our company chose this word because we wanted something unique like us.  We have noticed when we started typing the word out for ourselves; it often came out as “Ayouba”.  We think that is interesting for our focus as a company has always been on “You”.  While I had never been to South Africa, I was surprised to discover 3 years after the company had been named, that I was walking around the stadium where those amazing soccer games were played.

Capetown is a beautiful city.  Be sure to put it on your bucket list.  Can’t afford the trip?  Let us become your financial guru and you will be travelling to the destination of your dreams.

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We help you plan for the future and help you to achieve your dreams.


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