ArthurArthur Claxton’s career choices have always been about helping people solve problems.

After his graduation from University in Manitoba he moved to Toronto where he worked nationally for the Anglican Church of Canada, helping young people in organizations across the country solve their most pressing problems.

His skill in helping people this way led him to Saskatchewan where he worked for the provincial government running programs to help people who were disenfranchised begin to access programs of the government and become more resourceful. He was also the president of his community association and negotiated improvements with city council on their behalf.

Subsequently he moved to British Columbia to work with the provincial government.  He worked as a training coordinator with the department of social services in both northern BC and in Vancouver, providing training and development to  all levels of that organization.

After a successful career in government he wanted to move into the private sector. He noticed that well-educated people around him were making serious financial mistakes, simply because they did not have access to information to help with their financial decisions.  This realization prompted him to begin work in the financial services industry where he could both educate and help people solve their financial issues.  He first started in that industry in 1981.

He has subsequently worked with several firms both as a representative as well as taking a management role in three different securities companies.  He is licensed to help people in British Columbia, and Ontario and is a registered life insurance agent.

Claxton takes his role as a “wealth creation specialist” and educator seriously, as he has taught financial planning at British Columbia’s Institute of Technology, run public seminars through the Department of Continuing Education and he produced and directed his own television program called the Money Masters for two seasons.  He specializes in two main areas, first, working with people who are retired or about to retire to create guaranteed income streams and secondly to help people with mortgages eliminate that debt with a unique mortgage freedom strategy. He has also worked with women executives, who have demanding time constraints on their lives. He enjoys helping people review their total financial picture and bringing in one of his many experts to consult when it is most useful.  He helps his clients learn wealth creation concepts which will accelerate the growth of their wealth and provide financial security to their families.  In 2011, he created Ayoba Financial Services to offer a venue where people could access his services via the internet.

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Arthur’s WHY:  Why I became a financial advisor;

As a young boy I grew up in small town Saskatchewan.  I noticed that when special events were thought of, or new things needed, my father’s response would often be, “We can’t afford it”.

My parent’s family grew up during the “dirty thirty’s” when Canada was in the great depression.  It was a time when money was very scarce; a dollar could be a week’s wages.  I think my father learned his sense of scarcity from that time and it held him back and prevented him and his family from moving forward.  That sense of scarcity, some economists believe resulted in the depression lasting longer than it could have.  If people had lost their fear and began to spend the money they had, the economy would have recovered much more quickly.

Growing up in this environment where money both felt scarce and hard to get,has influenced me throughout my life.  Because money was difficult my studies and life focused on other things, community and education.

There were a number of significant events much later in my life that allowed me to shift my view of money.  The first was attending seminars and workshops where I learned that we can change our reality by the way we think about things.  The power of thought seems to change our reality.  What if I always thought that money was abundant in my life?

Changing the way you thing about things is never simple, old habits die hard.  However, the next event really helped me shift my thinking.  My wife and I had planned to take her two children to Europe. However, she had just lost her job.  My thinking shifted to, guess what? … “We can’t afford it”.  Fortunately she was insistent that we were going.  As I sat down in the plane heading for England I looked at her and realized, “Wow, we are actually going.”   We had two incredible months travelling all over Europe.  The power of my wife’s thoughts overcame mine.   I was able to change my thinking as well.

A final change for me came when I became my father’s Executor.  He died of a heart attack at a young age 63.  I had noticed that he was starting to enjoy travel, something he thought he could never afford.  He died on a trip to California. He was looking forward to time to travel when he got to retirement and sadly he never got there.  I wondered how much fuller his life might have been, had he not held himself back over the years.

Being his Executor was a real shock for me.  Growing up in a family that never talked about money I had no idea of my father’s circumstances.  His mortgage was not insured and there were very little savings.

I wondered why a bright person like my Dad could make such mistakes and realized he had no information and no financial advisor.  I decided to become an advisor and help people manage their money at this point in my life.  I did not want to see other people in the same predicament as my father and mother.

Testimonials from people we have coached

The past seven years I have received excellent service from Art Claxton.  He has always been there for me when I needed advice or to get together for a consultation.  Art has provided me with excellent service expressed in a professional manner.”

B.J. (Business owner)

Thank you so much!  From start to finish the process was seamless.  Art was very prompt in getting the information I needed and very accommodating as I needed the insurance asap for overseas travel. I would like to highly recommend him to anyone looking for insurance.

S.T. (business owner)

Looking back some 34 years later I am very happy with the decisions I made at that time.  I am enjoying helping new families and companies all the time.  I have had an opportunity to learn a tremendous amount about strategies to help people in different financial situations.  It is wonderful to be able to help people achieve a sense of abundance in their lives.

Of course I very much enjoy travel, perhaps to make up for some of those trips my Dad could not make. Europe was the beginning; subsequently I have been in Thailand, Turkey, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and most recently two months in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.  Last fall I spent 3 weeks in Belize and Guatemala. This February and early March I enjoyed exploring Colombia, on my first trip to South America.

This is the WHY I do what I do.  I want to help people achieve financial success and security in their lives.  I want to help with their travelling or other special dreams.  It gives me great pleasure to see people control their money; avoid simple money mistakes and the pain of feeling financially inadequate.  Recently I became Retirement-Income Specialist.  This certification gives me the skills to teach you to manage your money so that you and your family can achieve your short term goals.  I can show you how to “find” money inside your regular income and redirect it to achieve your goals.  I want to help people create a legacy that will also enhance the lives of their children and grandchildren. It is this feeling that keeps me motivated and wanting to help more people every day.