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Strong safety nets, not Band-Aid solutions

Although the needs for life insurance may last a lifetime, your specific security needs will likely change at each stage of life. A sound financial protection program goes beyond quick-fix, Band-Aid solutions that work for a while, but breakdown as [...]

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Retirement Planning

Turning Your RRSPs Into Income What should you do the time comes to convert your RRSPs into retirement income? There are two basic options available to supplement your other sources of retirement income. RRIF’s (Registered Retirement Income Funds) give you [...]

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Debt: The Wealth Barrier

The main problem the majority of us have is that of personal debt. We need to focus on eliminating debt that prevents us from creating that comfortable nest egg that will see us through to the end of our retirement. [...]

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Are Spousal RRSP’s Still a Good Idea?

In 2007 the tax rules changed allowing us to split pension income with resident spouse or common-law partner. You can transfer up to one-half of your pension income to your partner. (There is no actual transfer of funds involved here; [...]

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