bellaBella Hadid recently visited her grandmother “Oma” in Holland.  Her Oma is being treated for cancer.  As Holland has one of the top health care programs in Europe her Oma is well cared for.  Bella may have to invest considerable modelling dollars in a private critical illness program in the USA to get similar medical and care support. The premiums for her insurance there are not guaranteed.  This means the insurance company may raise them at any time they wish in the future.

Did you know that as Canadian’s you can get guaranteed critical illness insurance which can be used to replace your income while you are recovering from cancer, or other life-threatening illnesses?  As cancer has the longest recovery period we usually suggest replacing at least one year’s income. Did you know that a 40 year old woman in Canada could have $100,000 lump sum paid out to her if she got cancer for less than $2 per day?  If you are not living in Holland you have a good opportunity to plan care for yourself.  Sorry Bella, this coverage is only available to Canadians.