The word “Ayoba” has been borrowed from South African slang.  If you were watching the soccer World Cup you may have heard the word used there.  We might say “Great” or “Cool” or “Excellent” or in some cases simply “Hello good to see you”. It is uniquely South African and expresses delight, excitement, agreement and approval. Our company chose this word because we wanted something unique like us.  We have noticed when we started typing the word out for ourselves; it often came out as “Ayouba”.  We think that is interesting for our focus as a company has always been on “You”.

Our company name was new in 2011; however the people working in this company have been in the financial services industry for the past 30 years.  Together they draw on those experiences to make sure that you get the best products and services available today.

Our company has formed strategic alliances with many product and service providers over the years.  As a result we can offer a wide range of services and products, everything from private banking, insurance, investments and business succession or estate planning.  While you may find a listing of products that we carry useful, in fact, we like to put these products into the context of your overall wealth creation strategies, so our focus is to enhance your wealth and that of your family.

In the early eighties our company learned that to satisfy the divergent and wide ranging needs of our different clients we would have to be able to represent many companies and have access to hundreds of diverse financial products.  Since that time we have always been independent brokers to make sure that we can custom design wealth strategies for our clients.

In most situations the solutions and products we provide to our clients are self funding.

The short answer is yes.  However, one should remember that it is not your mortgage that is insured, but rather your life.  The insurance pays out when the mortgage holder dies.  The life insurance proceeds are then used to pay off the bank mortgage debt. Banks or Credit Unions offer what they call Mortgage Insurance, what you then have, is a 5 year term life policy.  The bank is the beneficiary, so if the mortgage holder dies, the bank receives a cheque.  We can see that this is beneficial for the bank.  Our clients prefer to hold their own policy, have family members as beneficiaries and the family can decide if paying off the mortgage is the best use of the life insurance proceeds.  They also don’t need to renew their insurance every five years with increases in cost and if they change lenders their insurance is still in force.

Yes we have life insurance available.  You are fortunate in using our firm because we are brokers and as a result can “shop the market” for you to find the best rate for the kind of coverage you might need.  Our experts can help you select the product from a myriad of choices for example; term or permanent, life pay or quick pay, whole life, universal life and the list goes on.  We are here to help you select the most appropriate life coverage at the most reasonable cost.  Life insurance is like good friends, you have to have them before you need them.

The insurance industry has been around since the founding of our country in 1867, however Canadians have changed.  We live longer and have health care that could only be dreamed of in 1867.  As a result we can fight through and win over heart attacks, cancer and strokes and continue to lead health lives.  When we have these life threatening events we only die a little bit.  The insurance industry in this decade has recognized that while people can be devastated financially by these events, they don’t die and their family is not supported by life insurance.  As a result a number of companies now offer critical illness insurance.  If you suffer a life-threatening illness and survive it, the insurance company will pay out a lump sum to you, to assist with your ongoing recovery and other financial needs created by your illness.  It is quite a different product from life insurance and our specialists can help you shop for what you need.

While we usually will help you review your entire financial picture to determine where the gaps might be, we recognize that some people are looking for a specific product or service to meet an immediate need.  For those folks here is a short list of those services available through our company:



G I C/Term Deposits

Segregated Funds


Individual Pension Plan

Life Income Fund

Group RRSP

Locked In Retirement Savings Plan


Registered Educational Savings Plan

Registered Retirement Income Fund

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)


Manu Bank

National Bank


Critical Illness Insurance

Disability Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance


Life Insurance

Individual Health and Dental Insurance

Mortgage Insurance

Travel Insurance

Visitors to Canada

Yes.  Income Replacement Insurance can be purchased and is paid out to you as income while you are unable to work.  Unlike Workman’s compensation you do not have to be injured or sick on the job, the protection is 24/7.

No.  That is one of the many advantages of insuring yourself privately; the insurance is non-cancelable until you decide you no longer need it.

Is there some way I could protect myself from financial loss or unusual medical expenses?  Yes.  For many having a critical illness such as you have mentioned can be financially devastating.  Critical illness insurance responds to that important question.

because I have a pension through my employer, are there other opportunities where I can have my savings growing on a tax deferred basis? Yes. Some permanent insurance policies allow you to be insured and build wealth inside them that would be available to supplement your retirement income.

is there insurance that would cover the cost of having them in a first class private nursing home?  I understand that we are already short of beds in this province, we will be in worse shape in 10 years.  Yes.  In the last few years the insurance industry has developed Long Term Care insurance which will allow your parents the dignity of staying in good quality care homes without fear that they will run out of money.

Yes,  please see the testamonials listed below.