Life-Threatening or Critical Illness

What is Life-Threatening or Critical Illness?

These are quite simply illnesses that without intervention threaten our lives.  Fortunately, medical advances have greatly improved the survival rate of critical illnesses.  Some of these critical illnesses include cancer, stroke and heart disease.  While we may recover from these diseases often it involves considerable recovery time away from employment and additional financial costs.  These costs will affect your whole family.

Our company sources critical illness insurance from a variety of insurance companies.  This insurance helps pay for the costs related to these life-threatening illnesses.  If you become sick with one of the many illnesses covered by your policy and survive the waiting period, you will receive a lump-sum cash payment.  These funds are paid out tax-free with no conditions as to how you will spend it.

Am I at Risk?

Now more than ever, critical illnesses are common in Canada.  There are over 200,000 cancer diagnoses a year and 50,000 strokes.  While survival rates for critical illnesses like these (or others like heart attacks) are increasing, the recovery from them can still be daunting and require massive changes in your lifestyle and day-to-day needs.

How will Critical Illness Insurance Help Me?

  • Cover the cost of mortgage payments, car loans and other debts while you recover from your illness.

  • Provide and income to replace your own income and that of your spouse who may wish to take time off work to look after you.

  • Pay additional help at home for you and your family, private nursing, home modification.

  • Cover the cost of new medical treatments or medications that may not be covered by your own health plans.

I am interested, what is my next step?

Because life-threatening or critical illness insurance is a specialized product, it is a good idea to speak with an advisor who is familiar with it.  They can help you design something to meet your unique needs.   We have been working with this product since it was first introduced in Canada.

Go to our Critical Illness Web page for further information and assistance.