At this stage of my life, my health is good and so I would like to continue to help people manage their funds and feel I can continue until I am 75.  At that time I may wish to shift focus to further travels and relaxation.

Over the next 3 years I would like to build my reputation as a Cash Flow Specialist, teaching people how to take control of their finances and create amazing results for them that they can enjoy within 6-12 months of working with me.  I would like to average 2 new clients per month who want me to develop a Behavioral Cash Flow plan for them. The clients will be individuals or family units that have incomes of $100,000 plus per year.  I will do an annual review with each client and provide additional support if needed based on an hourly fee.  Should the clients require any personal insurancesI will provide that and I will refer them to investment experts should they require assistance with investments.

I believe that working with two clients per month will allow me time to travel and be with my family.

Next year I plan to spend 1-2 months travelling in South America, specifically Columbia and Peru.

International travel is important to me and I want to travel internationally until I am 80.